Something Worth Sharing: Share – The Cookbook that Celebrates Our Common Humanity

Food for thought; worth sharing.

Compiled by Women for Women, International, an organization that helps marginalized women in eight countries affected by war and conflict, this book came out in 2013, but the message conveyed and images captured are timeless and important.

Film celebrity, philanthropist and humanitarian activist, Meryl Streep wrote the foreword for this book, echoing the cultural importance of food and the work of this organization in supporting the women of the war-torn countries, who are resilient providers of food for their communities.

This gorgeous book is filled with a myriad of sometimes exotic, but always delicious-sounding recipes for healthy, everyday meals such as spinach and fennel risotto, piperade, orange-scented olive oil almond cake and cherry compote recipes. It also boasts beautiful photographs and engaging stories of the women and the cultures that create these delicious foods, which make it a stunning coffee table book if you’d rather just enjoy the dishes vicariously.

This book makes a poignant and practical gift for cooks and coffee table owners alike, all while supporting a noble cause.

Buy this book for yourself, a friend, or your coffee table.

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