Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan

A sinking feeling in suburbia

“There’s this thing that happens to people who’ve grown up with violence. It changes their hardwiring. They’re just slightly a different species, built more for survival than for social networking.

~ Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan



There is trouble in suburbia when neighbors on Maple Street feud. As if that isn’t bad enough, tragedy strikes in the once-tight-knit-community, when a sinkhole opens and a child falls in. But, before the child disappears into the sinkhole, she makes accusations that stir up more anxiety and mistrust between neighbors.

Langan, who has won the Bram Stoker Award for her other horror genre writing, creates a taut atmosphere in the seemingly-serene community, where good neighbors are hard to find.

A fabulous read for those who like Stephen King thrills and suspense. Pack up your bags and head for the city — but, not before you grab this book.

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