Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki

Hello, Simpler Life

Author and minimalist, Fumio Sasaki succinctly explains why he chose a minimalism and how he created the lifestyle for himself. Sasaki outlines how his life changed before and after the changes, and advises on how one might deal with the feelings that arise during the cleansing process. His 55 tips on saying goodbye to your things and 15 steps to beginning the journey are logical, simple to follow and help you understand just how much stuff begets more stuff that demands your energy.

Many might be familiar with Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy, which advocates a similar lifestyle. Sasaki’s book approached the reasons why we hold onto things in more detail and also emphasized how this lifestyle will enrich our lives. I think this is a solid follow up to Kondo’s book to bring home (no pun intended) the advantages to decluttering your life; so you spend less time maintaining your stuff and more time living.

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