Long Live the Queen by Bryan Kozlowski

Rules for a Majestic Life

This charming book gives us the lowdown on HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s 23 rules for longevity, while living large, albeit in a surprisingly down-to-earth way.

If you thought that you have nothing in common with the Matriarch of the Royal Family, think again. While many believe that Queen Elizabeth II and her royal brood are simply pretty faces for their British subjects to gaze upon and admire, the Queen mum has many official obligations and duties in addition to navigating the seemingly never-ending gossip mongering and scandalizing of the family — most recently with Meghan and Harry’s relocation to the United States. The pressures of her official role seem to pale compared to the ordeals she has had maintaining her privacy during very public and emotional events. Take, for example, Princess Diana’s tragic and much publicized death, where the Queen had to balance her official role with that of a grandmother to Diana’s young sons.

However, this wise lady, who assumed the crown in June 1953 at the age of 27, has 23 rules that she lives by that have contributed to her long reign. These include a healthy (rather than obsessive) attitude towards food (and cocktails), exercise (she loves her corgis and the outdoors), and, of course, a daily ritual of a quiet tea.

This lovely little read is a treat for fans of the House of Windsor, as well as those who are looking for some juicy tidbits about life behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace.

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