Project 333

Less Dresses, More Wear: Project 333 by Courtney Carver

Fewer clothes mean more wear, more time, more simplicity in your life, according to author Courtney Carver, who invites readers to try to only use 33 items of clothing (not including basics like underwear and pjs), for three months.


Carver makes a great argument about how minimal closets can make better use of your energy, clothes, time in the day and life, hence simplifying your life (and saving you money).


Even if you aren’t able to stick to 33 items of clothing, this concise little book is filled with tips and information that you can apply to re-organize your wardrobe and discover pieces you forgot you had, or {gasp} haven’t even take the price tag off yet even though you bought it at that great sale last year (or was it the year before).

If you are all about fashion, efficiency and are a fan of the concept behind Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy, this book might be just what you need to tweak your style and sensibilities.

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