Small Plates by Katherine Hall Page – a review


Murder mystery tapas, anyone?

“Mary was alone There was no lover past, present, or future. When she considered the complications love presented — gleaned from her reading and from observing those around her –she was usually glad to have been spared the bother.”

There are ten short stories in this curious collection by author Katerine Hall Page, author of Faith Fairchild mysteries, set in a small Massachusetts town. Some feature the sleuthing caterer/ minister’s wife, while others are unrelated stories.

The author states in her introduction that she is hoping that these stories whet the appetite for mystery and the travel to the different locations around the US and London, and bring pleasure to the reader. While some stories felt abrupt, others felt better developed, and I am intrigued in reading a full-length Fairchild mystery. Also, the quaint settings and quirky characters provide a diverting, light read for lovers of short stories and light mysteries.