Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper

There’s nothing like three jilted witches plotting a bit of payback.

“I clearly had no trouble recognizing him. Yet there was nothing in his eyes, beyond the generic glaze of a drunk and horny male who wanted into my pants.” ~ Payback’s a Witch


There’s more magic in the first of The Witches of Thistle Grove by Lana Harper (From Bad to Curse) when a jilter gets his comeuppance.

It’s fall once again. Time for the leaves to be turning, the apples to be harvested, cider to be poured, and witches to gather for a spell-casting tournament among the four local families.


Life kinda sucks for Emmy. Her family is the magical weakest of the four, and her boyfriend dumps her because of it. So, broken-hearted Emmy leaves and heads out to the big world beyond her hometown. 10 years later, with college completed and her in a great job, she’s headed home – that place she denies missing – to officiate over the spell-casting tournament once again.

Emmy runs into her bff, Linden. It turns out that Emmy’s ex has dumped Linden as well. AND, that super sexy gal from high school (that Emmy crushed on). Yup, the ex dumped her too. What are these three witches supposed to do? Get revenge!

Fun, fragrant, fall festivities sets the background for this light read about coming home and dealing with all the reasons you left . . . and all the magical reasons you should stay?

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