The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

Travel and tales with a clever, albeit cheeky, cat.

“Humans are quite flighty, so I don’t rely on them a hundred percent.”

~ Hiro Arikawa, The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a sweet story in which Satoru befriends an audacious outdoor cat. When the cat is hit by a car, Satoru adopts it and the two live together for five years until Satoru suddenly must find a new home for Nana (the name he has given the cat). 

The two travel from place to place, visiting Satoru’s family and old friends, in search of Nan’s new home. Each stop provides a glimpse into Satoru’s past and personality, while Nana provides sass and entertainment through interesting observations.

As with many Japanese novels, the language is simple yet evocative. We become better acquainted with both Nana and Satoru and invested in their journey together.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles reminded me of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alboum, except that one of the protagonists is a cat. Cat lovers will find this heartfelt story especially engaging and amusing.

Incidentally, this was made into a movie in 2018, and was directed by Koichiro Miki.

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