Interview with Rainbow Crate’s Danielle Chambers

R Goodies  What’s a Rainbow Crate Book Box?   If you haven’t heard about them,  Rainbow Crate is a company that sends out monthly LBGTQIA-themed book boxes to subscribers. Rainbow Crate’s co-owner, Danielle Chambers, gives us some insight into the workings of this company, and how it all started.   Check out George’s post to read more

Hawk Mountain by Conner Habib

Buy this book on Amazon A haunting look at the manifestation of human emotion. “Nothing endures. Not a tree. Not love.  Not even death by violence.” ~ Hawk Mountain by Conner Habib With haunting prose and deeply atmospheric descriptions, Conner Habib’s Hawk Mountain is a disturbing descent into the convulsions of the human mind and heart. Head read more

In the Margins by Elena Ferrante

Buy this book on Amazon   “I write people, places, times, but in words that have been inspired in me by people, places, times, in a dizzying mixture of creators with created, of forms with forms.” ~ In the Margins by Elena Ferrante The elusive and enigmatic writer, who writes as Elena Ferrante, examines the read more

Delicious audio books Worth Sampling: International Food Fiction

Recommendations for Gourmet Audiobooks Here are recommendations for audiobooks that bring together two of my favourite subjects – books, and food.  Actually, most of these bring together three of loves: books, food, and travel. These audiobook narrators can heighten your experience of these classic food fiction titles. While some of these titles are a little read more