Be Water, My Friend, The Teachings of Bruce Lee by Shannon Lee

Inspiring and Transformative

Shannon Lee, the daughter of Asian martial artist and cultural icon, Bruce Lee, presents her father’s teachings interwoven in the narrative of their lives.

Heartfelt and inspiring, Lee talks about her father’s drive and passion, and the origins of his philosophies, such as “Be Water, My Friend,” In addition to introducing Lee’s philosophical side that was not as well known as his role as a martial artist movie star who introduced Kung Fu to the western world.

Lee briefly explains how Bruce Lee developed his own expression of martial arts and called it Jeet Kune Do, which is translated in cantonese as way of the intercepting fist. The principle elements of this expression are simplicity, directness and freedom. The latter element (the form of no form) captures the seeming paradox of many principles of Asian philosophy.

Lee conveys the ups and downs in her father’s life and how these moments were pivotal in the development and implementation of his philosophies, and how his words ultimately helped her in her life,


Lee’s open hearted, touching, book also shares her memories of her father’s death at the age of thirty-two and when she was just four-years-old, and the tragic death of her beloved older brother Brandon, who was killed on the set of The Crow.

Be Water, My Friend is a beautiful snapshot of Bruce Lee’s life and philosophies and is a lovely introduction to the man and transformative philosophies for your life.

Be a practical dreamer backed by action.” – Bruce Lee


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