The Five Element Orchard by John C. Platt and Mary Rachel Platt

“Enter the forest and find your new life.”
If you have ever wondered what it is about being in nature that soothes your body, mind, and spirit, this book is for you. Authors John and Mary Platt bring decades of experiences practicing and teaching qigong, yoga, and meditation to answer the question, “is there a way to tap the energy of trees directly?” 
The resounding answer is yes. The Platts provide straightforward explanations for why nature, especially forests and trees, can transform your thoughts and emotions, as well as your physical being. One way is to use the metaphor of the body as a tree that reveals how “the forest outside becomes an echo of the forest within.” Information about the elements of various trees, such as their physical and medicinal properties, may particularly interest nature lovers. The authors’ clear directions and accessible techniques on how to connect with oneself and nature through qigong practices may intrigue and entice anyone who feels a call to escape in nature. 
Qigong practitioners, and those interested in aspects of energy and wellness will benefit from the comprehensive, yet uncluttered, information on the history and technique of qigong, the properties and harnessing of energy, and how to incorporate the five elements into the tree practices. 
A peaceful read for those interested in energy and the healing aspect of trees, The Five Element Orchard provides energizing and enlivening knowledge and techniques to help create a deeper connection to our world.
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