Free, Melania by Kate Bennett

Trumping Trump 

Journalist Kate Bennett writes an insightful book about the world of Melania that is dominated by a quiet force to be admired and reckoned with.

Whatever your political view, if you are interested in the life of First Ladies – past and present – and the attitudes of powerful women, mothers and wives and how they handle the harsh public spotlight, this might be for you.

Bennett reveals Melania’s international heritage and professional background and how these factors affect her personal philosophies as a woman, mother and partner to a highly vocal President. Bennett’s writing is concise and tries to be quite objective, representing the adulations and criticisms of those who support and scoff Melania’s past, action and philosophies. Mostly, the international and patriotic Melania appears gracious and professional. Perhaps some of her diplomatic manners will rub off on her hubby.