These Precious Days by Ann Patchett


Inspiring and heartwarming, reflections on life’s precious days.

“Most of the writers and artists I know were made for sheltering in place. The world asks us to engage, and for the most part we can, but given the choice we’d rather stay home. “

~ These Precious Days, Ann Patchett


In These Precious Days,, Patchett  – author of The Dutch House, State of Wonder and Bel Canto, – writes about major life themes with a refreshing, heartfelt perspective that embraces life and all its blessings. In a down-to-earth tone, she reflects on her fathers and blended family, the breath and deaths of her characters and their worlds should she perish, and social expectations of people, especially women as mothers.

Of course, Patchett also shares her stories about writing, with wit and warmth. Her story about an interview with a writer who declared that there are two things every good writer needs was especially revealing. He stated that a visual dictionary and having children were essential. Patchett says she has neither, nor does she conform to the widely proclaimed adage of writing daily because life doesn’t work that way.

The beautiful collection of twenty-two essays highlights the perfection of life with all its ‘imperfections,’ and sage writing suggestions are sure to inspire pensive readers and writers alike. Patchett narrates the audiobook with a comforting and contemplative tone that makes you feel like a friend is confiding in you.

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 Precious Days