Have You Eaten Yet? by Cheuk Kwan

A food filled journey into history and heritage.

“Food tells us who we are and where we come from.”

~ Have You Eaten Yet? Cheuk Kwan

Author and filmmaker Cheuk Kwan’s search for Chinese restaurants takes us around the world in this insightful and heartening dive into stories about and from Chinese Diaspora.

Among the dishes Kwan samples are Mao Tai Chinese liquor in Tömse, Norway, Poisson de Sauce Tomate on the island of St. George, Mauritius, steamed grouper in Sâo Paulo, Brazil, and deep fried squid in Colaba Mumbai. Kwan’s descriptions of food and place are mouthwatering and immersive. Tantalizing combinations of Chinese flavours mingled with the atmospheric settings of Peru, Trinidad, and Israel are scintillating and showcase the adaptability and creative synergy of the Chinese Diaspora in their new countries.

Have You Eaten Yet?  reveals how Chinese, even generations and miles from their ancestral home, have kept their bonds with their heritage, passed it on to next generations, and integrated it into a new identity in their new home.

This is an especially delectable treat for foodies who love history, culture and place.

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