Best Laid Plans (Garnet Run Book #2) by Roan Parrish



A life without plans meets a house in shambles.

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“Dimensions (as he thought of them), weren’t positive or negative. They were simply the truth of how he felt about things.”

Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish.


This book came to my attention when it was returned to the library with sticky note tabs all over it! Seems the person who read it was offended by every bit that was tabbed! I HAD to read it to see what was SO offensive! Spoiler alert! The tabs marked parts of the story about men… in love.. with each other.. and the hmmm “courting rituals” that this involves (some were a bit detailed). The truly odd part with all the post it tabs – the cover states its “an irresistible queer read”.
Best Laid Plans is a light easy read with an almost-greeting-card movie vibe. Rye has lived in Seattle most of his life. Many jobs and roommate scenarios, everything constantly in flux. When he receives a call from a lawyer and learns that the grandfather he never met has left him a house in Garnett Run, Wyoming, Rye throws a couple duffle bags and his backpack in his decrepit Barretta, scoops up his cat, Marmot, and drives off into the sunset. Things are finally looking up! A house that is all his! No more roommates! What could possibly go wrong? 
Well, everything. The house is literally falling apart and has no power or water. But Rye is used to making the best of things and he, and Marmot, will figure it all out.
Charlie runs the local hardware store. Just as he was turning 18 his parents died. He took over his dad’s hardware store and took on the task of raiding his little brother, Jack. He has spent the last 20 years taking care of… well everyone and everything. This includes his huge cat, Jane. Charlie has done well. He has a thriving business and is a popular part of the community. He yearns for the day he will finally meet someone. 
When Rye walks into the hardware store, armed only with knowledge gleaned from YouTube videos to rebuild his grandfather’s house, Charlie can’t help offering his help. 
Best Laid Plans was an enjoyable read, but the storyline circled around the cats. Since I am not a pet person I didn’t connect to that part of the book. If you are a cat fan, then this may “nip” your interest!
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