Cackle by Rachel Harrison



You must surrender everything for everything…. wicked.


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“Maybe there’s someone, something in my future worth moving toward.”

Cackle by Rachel Harrison


Cackle is the story of a woman learning self-acceptance and confidence. Annie’s long-term boyfriend has dumped her. She starts fresh with a teaching job several hours from New York City and finds an apartment to rent in a quaint little town about 30 minutes from where she will be teaching. Now if she could just quit thinking about her ex.
Annie arrives in the quaint little town of Rowan and falls in love with her new apartment, despite the spiders that keep showing up. 
While out exploring the town, Annie runs into the mysterious and gorgeous Sophie who has lived in Rowan forever. She knows everyone. Everyone knows her. And they all seem to be afraid of her. Sophie befriends Annie and soon the two are bffs and spending lots of time together. Although, Sophie doesn’t quite understand Annie’s despair over her ex. Sophie’s take on life and relationships is that she doesn’t need anyone or anything to complete her — but, she does like spiders.
Annie’s friendship with Sophie carries her on her journey of self-discovery. But will she ever truly understand Sophie or her life mantra – you must surrender everything for everything? Sometimes the person you admire isn’t exactly the person who everyone else sees.
I think everyone, to some degree, has had self realization moments where you finally hear your inner voice and you realize that how folks speak to you/treat you have always pissed you off. It comes to a point where you have to ask yourself, “do I stand up to this or do I just stay in a comfort zone and let it continue?” Or, “do I pour another glass of wine/bourbon/beer and finish the bottle/case so I can just sleep away the angst of it all?” Again – been there.
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